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Waiver Division



We are proud to serve the Michigan counties of: Bay, Clare, Gladwin,
Gratiot, Huron, Isabella, Midland, Saginaw, Sanilac, and Tuscola.


Referral Process

Our Intake Department can take your calls and perform a short phone assessment to determine if the case can be assigned to an admit team consisting of a Registered Nurse and Social Worker.  If you do not meet the MI Choice Intake Guide (the MIG), the intake department will provide any relevant information as to any available community resources. If you pass the MIG, a team will be assigned to assess you for MI Choice Program eligibility by performing your assessment in the home, hospital or nursing home.  All MI Choice Waiver applicants can receive a MI Choice assessment upon request.  Our admissions team will contact you to set up an assessment date and time.

To reach our Intake Department, please call 1-800-884-3335.

Program Qualifications



Financial Eligibility:


Participant gross monthly income level cannot exceed $2,523.00 per month (SSI, RSDI, Pension, Workers Compensation, and Railroad Retirement).


The Waiver program asset limit for an individual is $2,000.00 (Checking, Savings, CD’s, Savings Bonds, Trust Funds or life insurance with specific face value).  This doesn’t include 1 house and 1 vehicle.  If home hasn’t sold and person lives in handicap accessible apartment, DHHS may waiver home for sale.  If the individual needs to apply for Medicaid eligibility, a Supports Coordinator will assist the individual with a Medicaid.


Medicaid financial eligibility is determined by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).  Married applicants should seek direction from MDHHS regarding the financial guidelines.


The waiver is designed to provide home and community based services to the aged (65 and older) and disabled individuals over 18 years of age.


Whenever possible, informal caregivers (family, neighbors, friends, etc.) and/or community agencies that provide services at no charge are utilized prior to purchasing Medicaid Waiver services.  Medicaid Waiver services are not to be used to replace but to support informal (unpaid) care.  The Medicaid Waiver participant cannot retain already existing adult home help services provided by the local Department of Health and Human Services.  The Medicaid Waiver can provide community transportation as a Waiver Service.


Nursing Home Eligibility:

Participants must meet established criteria for nursing home admission.


Service Needs Eligibility:

Participants must need Support Coordination & at least one of the available fourteen (14) waiver services.


Contact Medicaid Waiver Program at A&D Home Health Care at 989-249-0929 or 1-800-884-3335 for additional information.


If qualifying for services, you will be able to select providers based on your need and the geographic area to be served.


A list of A&D providers.



Contracted providers are required to attend annual provider training with A&D MI Choice Waiver. In addition, our providers must remain current and in compliances with Waiver Contract Attachments, and Operating Standards.

If you have questions regarding contracting requirements, or other provider related questions, please contact our Contract Specialist, Melissa Little 1-800-884335.


Download Current FY (Fiscal Year) Waiver Contract Attachments for Review:

Requirements for Office of Inspector General


Download Current FY (Fiscal Year) Operating Standards for Review:


In addition, all contracted providers will be subject to random program audits. The audit tool can be accessed, so that providers are aware of the audit elements and prepare for the audit accordingly.


Download Current FY (Fiscal Year) Audit Tool for Providers:


Lastly, all contracted Adult Foster Care and Home for the Aged must remain in compliance with the Home and Community Based ruling.  This ruling provides for AFC and HFA residents to have the same rights and access to the community that our home-based participants are receiving.


Download Current FY (Fiscal Year) Audit Tool: Home and Community Based Compliance Tool:

Home and Community Based Compliance Tool

MI Choice Waiver Contracts

If you have questions regarding contracting opportunities, please contact our Contract Specialist, Melissa Little 1-800-884-3335.  Contracts are based on multiple factors including: program need, services provided, geographic region served, and cost.

In the past, nursing homes used to be the only option for older or disabled persons who needed help caring for themselves. Now there are many choices that allow individuals to live independently while receiving nursing facility level of care in their home or in a community setting.

One program run by Michigan Medicaid is the MI Choice Waiver Program. It began in 1992 as the Home and Community Based Services for the Elderly and Disabled (HCBS/ED) waiver program. We now know it as the MI Choice Waiver Program, or simply, "the waiver." A&D Home Health Care, Waiver Division is one of the 20 Waiver programs ran in Michigan.


Through MI Choice, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided by nursing homes but can stay in their own home or another residential setting. Each participant can receive the basic services Michigan Medicaid covers, supports coordination, and one or more of the following services in the waiver:

  • Adult day health (adult day care)

  • Chore services

  • Community living supports

  • Community transportation

  • Counseling

  • Environmental accessibility adaptations

  • Fiscal intermediary

  • Goods and services

  • Home delivered meals

  • Nursing services

  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS)

  • Private duty nursing/respiratory care

  • Respite services

  • Specialized medical equipment and supplies


2nd: Program Qualifications

3rd: Referral Process



MATF- Merit Award Trust Fund Grant Opportunities

MATF grant applications are awarded at the beginning of the new fiscal year—typically October.  The fiscal year runs from October of given year to September of the following year.  A&D will consider grant applications for both Respite and Adult Services.  Please click the grant application tool to see the requirements of the MATF grant funding and to explore ALL grant application opportunities. 


Applications for grant funding can be mailed to the attention of the Co-Directors

Mike Tysick and Karen Harrison:

A&D Home Health Care, Inc.-Waiver Division

3150 Enterprise Drive

Saginaw MI 48603


Or, they can be emailed:


Download Current FY (Fiscal Year) MATF Grant Application Tool:

AASA Caregiver Respite Grant RFP for Adult Day Services/In-Home Respite Grant – FY 2022

Request for Proposal-FY 2023 Adult Day Care/In-Home Respite Services

Report Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation or Medicaid Fraud, Waste, Abuse

To report Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of an Elderly or Vulnerable person in Michigan: CALL CENTRAL INTAKE:  1-855-444-3911. You will remain anonymous.  There is no excuse for Elder Abuse!


Report Fraud, Waste, Abuse of Medicaid Funds:

MDHHS Office of Health Services Inspector General

P.O. Box 30479

Lansing, MI 48909-7979

Toll Free Phone: (855) 643-7283


State Attorney General

Health Care Fraud Division

Department of Attorney General

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

P.O. Box 30218

Lansing, MI 48909

Phone: 1-855-MI-FRAUD (855) 643-7283



If you don’t find what you are looking for on this site or are looking for other community resources, give us a call at 1-800-8884-3335 and ask for one of our Outreach Specialists to assist you.

How are we doing? 

You may Email us to tell us how we are doing or for any Concerns or commendations regarding the Waiver program. Your feedback is important, and we will follow up on any feedback received.

Referral Process
Program Qualifications
MI Choice Waiver Contracts
MATF-Grant Opportuities
Report Abuse
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