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Frequently Asked Questions 


What is home health care?

Home health care is becoming much more common, whether it's for at-home nursing care after a hospital stay or ongoing assistance with daily living. The reasons vary. Patients are being discharged sooner from hospitals and are receiving care in their own home. Thanks to technological advances, many procedures, including dialysis, chemotherapy, intravenous infusion (IV) and wound care, which previously could be performed only in a medical facility, can now be safely and efficiently carried out in a home setting. As time goes on, more and more Americans will be receiving much of their care where they prefer-in the comfort of their own homes.

To better understand this term, one must understand that there are different types of home health care:

  • Skilled, intermittent visits covered by insurance generally for short-term specific needs

  • Hourly services, generally privately paid, for persons who need help over longer periods of time

  • Hospice services (not provided by A&D Home Health Care)

  • Oxygen and related equipment and other types of hospital equipment provided for use in the home called Durable         Medical Equipment (not provided by A&D Home Health Care)


Why choose home health care?

The benefits of receiving Home Health Care go beyond the obvious ones of comfort and convenience. Home Health Care draws on the resources and support of the family and recognizes these as essential to the healing process. Additionally, many physicians maintain that clients recuperate quicker and more fully in a home environment, among family, friends, pets and familiar settings. One of the most satisfying features of home health care is the one-on-one relationship that clients develop with their nurses, therapists and Home Health Care aides. People usually feel more secure in their own homes. This allows the client/family and caregivers to form a team, and to develop a level of trust and compliance essential for treatment success.


Is home health care expensive?

Home health care costs differ depending upon the individual's needs and level of care provided. Costs may be covered by insurance, covered privately by the client or family, or by special government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. If you aren't sure what your insurance policy covers or whether you qualify for financial assistance with your home health costs, contact us for help.


How do I arrange to get home health care?

Referrals for Home Health Care can come from clients, family members, doctors, discharge planners, or anyone who feels that someone might benefit from care in the home. Contact A&D Home Health Care and we will assist you in planning a health care approach that is tailored to meet your needs.


What area does A&D Home Health Care cover?

A&D Home Health Care has offices in Saginaw, Clare and Pigeon. We cover Michigan counties, including Saginaw, Bay, Midland, Clare, Gladwin, Isabella, Gratiot, Huron, Tuscola, and Sanilac. We also provide coverage to portions of Genesee County.


If I decide I want A&D Home Health Care's services, do you send over people for me to interview?

No. A&D Home Health Care employees are carefully chosen health care providers. We verify personal and work references and perform a criminal background check. Many of our home health aides are Certified Nursing Aides (CNA). Professional licensed staff must keep their license current. All field staff must provide evidence of a current physical when hired and keep tuberculosis (TB) testing and CPR training up-to-date. We conduct monthly in-services for home health aides to keep up-to-date on skills.


Do you perform background checks on your employees?

Yes, criminal history checks are done on all new potential employees before hiring.


Will we receive care from the same A&D Home Health Care personnel each time?

At A&D Home Health Care we believe in continuity of care for our patients. You can expect at least two employees because we rotate weekends off for our employees. If a staff member is on vacation or unavailable, we will be able to staff you with someone familiar. Of course, if you require 24-hour care you can plan on at least six to seven employees (two each shift plus one extra).


Will Medicare pay for a home health aide to come in while I'm at work?

Medicare will not cover what they consider custodial care. Medicare will only pay for intermittent home health care visits for personal assistance when skilled personnel (RN, LPN or therapists) are going into the home on physician's order. You must be home bound to receive this Medicare benefit.


If I can't afford private pay assistance and my need does not meet the Medicare requirements–then what is available?

  • MI Choice Waiver - Click for more information.

  • Private Insurance Companies - Private insurers have their own requirements based on the specific insurance plan.         Deductibles and copays may apply.

  • Long Term Care Insurance Policies - These private policies can be purchased to pay for Home Health Care covered         by programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Worker's Compensation - Services received for work-related injuries can be covered by worker's compensation.

  • Liability Insurance - Services for injuries covered by the applicable policy, such as auto and homeowner's insurance.

  • Tobacco Settlement Respite Program - Family caregiver respite is provided on a cost share basis. This is based on           your need and access to financial resources.

  • Children's Special Health Care Services - This waiver program covers children with special needs.


What is the billing procedure?

A&D Home Health Care will submit billing invoices two times each month: after the fifteen and after the end of the month. Payments may be made by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.


If conditions changes, can we increase or decrease the hours?

Yes. Times and hours are flexible to meet the needs of our patients. We would appreciate as much notice as possible to adequately meet your requests.

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