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for Health Care Professionals

For more info on A&D Health Care please contact:
Pat Gentle in Saginaw                             

 3375 Carver

 Saginaw MI. 48603

 Phone (989) 401-7510

 Fax (989) 401-7520  

Jennifer Tesoro in Mt. Pleasant

313 E. Remus Ste. B

Mt. Pleasant MI. 48858

Phone (898) 775-5500

Fax (989) 775-5550

Kathy Sauvola in Pigeon

P.O. 80, 88 S. Main St.

Pigeon MI. 48755

Phone (989) 453-2828

Fax (989) 453-2824

Referral Form

To make a referral

  • Call A&D and tell us you have a referral. Our office nurse will obtain the needed information and initiate care.

  • Fax this completed form to A&D (along with a copy of the H&P and Medications list)

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