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Having an


is like having

a NURSE in your   FAMILY.


Medicare Services

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for people 65 years of age or older and certain younger people with disabilities. It covers 100% of qualifying home health care costs.There are no deductibles or copays.

MI Choice Waiver 

Through this program, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided by nursing homes, but can stay in their own home or another residential setting.

Private Duty

When a person requires home care, they have a choice of providers.  A&D is the premier independent home care provider in the Saginaw Valley, Mid-Michigan and Thumb areas.



Hospice is a multidisciplinary team program for terminally ill patients and their families.  Patients who choose hospice are not "giving up," they are making a choice on how they want to live out their lives. 


Community Transition Services


Nursing homes used to be the only option for people who needed help with their care.  Now with the help of A&D Community Transition Services, current nursing home residents can return home or to the setting of their choice. 


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